The WaterWick® gravel vein helps water drain through a variety of soil conditions. Excess water moves horizontally to low drainage areas, providing consistant playing conditions in all types of weather.

The WaterWick system incorporates multiple vibratory plow blades that gently slice into the turf. As the turf is drawn apart, a gravel vein is injected into the opening to create a permanent underground aqueduct that carries away excess water to eliminate puddles and soggy areas.

  • Improves drainage on virtually all surfaces.
  • Low-compaction unit is ideal for golf courses, sports fields
    and other sensitive turf.
  • Fundamentally non-invasive. Downtime is limited to construction
    days only. Treated turf can be ready for play immediately.
  • Permanently aerates turf and sub-soil to promote healthy
    growth, prevents disease and insect infestation.
  • Increases turf root zone.
  • Every project is analyzed, calculated and engineered for
    maximum benefit.
  • More affordable and less intrusive than traditional solutions.
  • WaterWick can also install a cement barrier 5/8" thick
    by 8" to 12" deep to prevent root, rodent or insect intrusion.